5e Parallèle Nord

Capsule collection, Chapter 4


The collection evokes the crossed of a rich and colorful flora nourished by a tropical climate.

This journey is inspired by the different countries of the 5th north parallel.

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Un Jour, Une Nuit, HK

Capsule collection, Chapter 3

Lucie BROCHARD.võ’s third journey is the story of an encounter in Hong Kong. Dive into this dizzying urban skyline where lush vegetation blurts out shades of Jade that blend in Emerald-green. The designer was inspired by the world of film director Won Kar Wai, a master in the creation of dreamlike landscapes and the transcript of memories with a subtle handling of colors.


Through this collection, the designer underlines her silhouettes by combining tailored cut and flou, highlighted at the waist by strips appliquées reminiscent of slow lateral tracking shots and superimposition, many techniques used in the film 2046. 

Silk is omnipresent, up until linings, and carefully crafted through various techniques. Assembly and super- position of crepe pleated chiffon for dresses and blouses. 

The colors are sometimes juxtaposed or superimposed to give a sense of depth and create a subtle sense of transparency and light. 

These fluids and ethereal pieces embrace the rhythm of the woman in movements. This lightness is perfor- med by a ballet dancer in the film of the 3rd collection. 

The designer complete the ready-to-wear collection with a series of couture dresses whose volume is shaped by an assembly of silk organza feathers by hands, one by one. 

In the city dress, the little black dress or a cocktail dress, you can stroll through the streets of Soho in Wan Chai. The trousers or skirt suit with white shirt is the usual attire in Central, these women may hedge pressed between two rainfalls with a coat or a midseason trench. 

The cut, the softness of silk, the finest materials and a genuine drape guarantee comfort and embody the fashion flair of Lucie BROCHARD.võ.


Vol A264

Capsule collection, Chapter 2

Immediate boarding on « Flight A264 » Paris-Seoul, Lucie Brochard.võ’s new collection is aerial and contemporary. 

This wardrobe is designed for modern women, world citizens, always traveling, but still combining sensuality, elegance and practicality.


The designer is taking us on a journey to explore Korea.

Beyond the inspirations coming from the traditional Korean costume like the Jeogori collar (hanbok upper garment), and the different layers displaying the Hanbok or the printed fabric echoing Lee Ufan light and repetitive brushwork, for Lucie Brochard, it is mostly about sharing sensory experiences. 

The vibrant colors picked from the Korean urban landscape, the delicate touch of different silks and pleats and the patchwork feel combining a smooth asymmetry, are amongst the special features illustrating Lucie Brochard.võ capsule collection.

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Capsule collection, Chapter 1

L’Escale represents the rendez-vous of the fashion between distant worlds. Always ready for unplanned stop-over around the word, 

this collection caters to the modern, creative, elegant spontaneous travelling women.


Lucie Brochard matured her creativity throughout her experience in Europe, America and Asia and eventually materialized her first collection between Paris and Ho Chi Minh. Across her many travels and stop--overs in airports, Lucie identified the need of confident women to wear outstanding clothes without compromising on their comfort.

The Lucie Brochard.võ caspule collection in limited edition reveals a distinguished feminine silhouette filled with character, originality and a sense of escape.

The collection is marked by a well-thought asymmetric design that displays balance whichever the angles the silhouette reveals. An exotic flowery print sets apart a palette of mineral, Prussian and night blue from a scheme of bright white tones.

When silk offers a supple fall, when cotton jersey voluptuously drapes on the silhouette, when cotton jacquard and canvas bring structured cuts then emerges Lucie Brochard. võ ’s silhouettes for her first limited edition collection.

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